About me
my name is rain(y)! I use any prns (+ ALL neos), im mixed (b/w), 18, I speak mainly just english but i do know some spanish!

Here is a referral for 30% off carrd pro! when you upgrade your pro plan or join carrd pro ^^ thank you!

if you want copies of my carrds you can dm me on ioihobi! PayPal, Ko-fi, Cashapp & Venmo. If you also want me to make you a carrd from scratch I can do that also, I just need an outline basically.

( 1.) don't make tuts of any of my crds ty (2.) all my crds r plus unless you want standard


all of my carrds are pro plus unless I stated otherwise! but if you want a standard version of it I could possibly make it, but you would have to commission me for it you can send me a retrospring asking or a dm on my main or on lovcrd asking me!

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